Wrap Yourself in the New Trend of Body Chains

Who had thought that an accessory worn by the classical dancers would become so popular that it will be used by ladies around the world to flaunt their bodies? The body chains are jewelry pieces that hang onto the body, whose origin can be traced to Indian classical and belly dancers, who wore chains of different designs around their belly. Although these body chains have Indian origin, off late, it is worn by Hollywood actors and runway models. Famous celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, Rihanna, and Jacqueline Fernandez have recently been spotted wearing these marvelous pieces. These are worn on different parts of the body such as shoulders, back, foot, arm etc. they are mostly considered as summer accessories but that’s not the case. Body chains have been evolved and are not just restricted to beach wear hence can be worn throughout the year and you can buy one of them from bikini body chains store.

New Trend of Body Chains

Ways to Wrap Yourself in Body chains

There are many ways to wear body chains, though you can also come up with your own style and innovation.

  1. The neck to waist style: for this style wear a combination of many chains or just three or four. This is the style you can see on Rihanna and other celebrities. A long chain which goes around the body and the waist to link up behind a beautiful design.
  2. Belly chains: this is the favorite accessory to many saree diva in India. For this style, you can wear two or three chains around your waist or a simple single chain according to your attire. Wear a short tank top and jeans and let the chain sit around your belly if you want a casual look.
  3. The shoulder chain: you can also wear body chain on one of your shoulder or on your bare shoulder to look extremely stylish and sexy. This will help you to stand out from rest of the crowd who will probably be wearing simple necklaces.
  4. Encircle your neck and arms: this style can be adopted for the off shoulder dresses or a tube top and a necklace which drapes around your neck and covering you’re both the arms. This look is pretty unique and adds symmetry to the outfit.
  5. Back chain: starts at the neck, goes all the way to the back of the body and ends at the midriff.

Get the Right Look

  1. Summer look: to look beautiful on hot days, the dainty gold body chain that extends from the neck to the waist can be worn with a bralette and shorts; this will look great with eye-popping colored bikinis.
  2. Boho: those people who want to go to boho can go for a shoulder body chain with a black maxi dress.
  3. Casual look: you can catch eyes by wearing a body chain over a white tank top and black shorts. You can have a complete look by wearing chunky heels, a sling bag, and sunglasses.
  4. Red carpet looks: Wear a crisp white or black blazer with no blouse or shirt underneath. Now wear a chunky body chain underneath the blazer. This looks classy and sexy.

Great Collection of Body Chains

You can browse through our body chain store and go through different types of body chains that can fit in different styles. We also have body chain gold plated jewelry. You can choose and buy jewelry pieces that are inspired by the style of your favorite celebrities. Hence these pieces not only decorate your neck but also the upper part of the body.

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