Walking Daily Helps Improve Mood

Experts recommend walking smoothly, steadily and regularly between 30 and 60 minutes to the adult population.

Walking smoothly, steadily and regularly helps to improve mood and help control weight. But if this exercise is carried out as a family, benefits such as improving communication and the relationship between the members of the family unit, Miguel García Lamigueiro, Director of Communication and Corporate Responsibility, DKV Seguros, said.

To combat obesity, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that children practice 60 minutes of daily exercise and 30 to 60 minutes for adults. That is why DKV Seguros and the Thao Foundation have inaugurated the ‘Pathways of Health’ initiative in Tarifa, with the aim of promoting moderate physical activity and healthy living throughout the population.

Walking Daily Helps Improve Mood

This is a new concept of healthy routes, located and permanently marked in both rural and urban areas provide suitable and pleasant environments for the normal practice of physical activity in a family environment, healthy and free, as the itineraries have a length between 4 and 6 kilometers.

“We promote healthy habits for children and their families, acting from the municipal level, since it is where everyday life develops. Thus, with the creation of the ‘Roads of Health’, the involvement of municipalities and the support of DKV Seguros, we have been able to provide suitable and pleasant environments that allow physical activity in healthy and free places, “said the president of the THAO Foundation, Henri García.

In addition, due to the numerous benefits that it has to walk, two new routes have been launched in Alcobendas and Terrassa, which will be joined in 2015 by three other cities and, “over the next few years the ‘Health Pathways’ will be extended throughout the autonomous communities to complete a network at the state level,” said Garcia Lamigueiro.

Recommendations for the realization of the route

As in all physical activity, it is advisable to carry out a preparation prior to its realization, so that an optimum performance of the exercise can be obtained and avoid possible unforeseen events. Thus, at the beginning of the road, some recommendations to take into account before starting the route, such as: wear comfortable clothes and shoes, protect yourself from the sun with a suitable cream and, if necessary, wear a cap; making the route in company will always be better or, otherwise, carry the mobile phone by hand.

However, it is not advisable to perform the exercise immediately after eating and, it is very important to perform a warm up beforehand to avoid possible injuries.

Finally, it is also important to start the route by increasing the pace progressively; maintain a leisurely breathing throughout the exercise; drink water throughout the trip and whenever the body needs it, and finish gradually slowing down the pace. And, when finished, it is essential to perform stretching and check the time spent in the exercise with the intention of improving. Moreover, you should consume natural supplements like Phosphatidylserine, which will boost your memory to practice heavy tasks.

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