Upvc V Timber: Features And Benefits

It can be difficult to decide between timber and uPVC when you choose to install new windows or doors, with both having features that make them beneficial for certain jobs. Here are some of the best aspects of each material.

Upvc V Timber

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The Greenage recommends that regardless of the material you choose for your windows, you should look out for FENSA (Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme) registration when you are selecting a window supplier to ensure that your new windows will adhere to building regulations.


Generally a cheaper material than timber, uPVC also costs less in the long run because it will not require repainting and is weather-resistant. Simply clean them up with a soapy cloth, and you’ll have uPVC windows that look as good as new.

Great insulating properties mean that uPVC windows and doors will help regulate the internal temperature of your home in all weather.

Secure and strong, the design of uPVC windows means that many choose them as a security feature for their home. Timber windows are also required to conform to building standards to ensure they are secure.

Suppliers such as Gloucester Double Glazing experts Firmfix can help you decide on the type of material and design for windows and doors that would most suit your home at https://www.firmfix.co.uk/, and they offer a range of uPVC and timber options for you to choose from.


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Often chosen because it is deemed to look better than uPVC, timber windows are a more traditional choice for those looking for an aesthetically pleasing material. With many different types of wood available, there is a wide variety of styles of windows and doors that can be created.

If fitted and maintained correctly, timber windows can last for hundreds of years. They do need varnishing regularly to prevent rot, and it’s best to choose hardwoods for windows as these materials are likely to last longer.

It is often believed that if you want double glazing, you have to choose uPVC for your windows, but there are many fantastic timber double glazing alternatives.

Whichever material you choose for the windows and doors in your home, fitting them new will give your home a facelift and leave you seeing the benefits of investing in the latest materials and designs quite clearly.

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