Types of Air-Conditioner’s Available and Tips to Purchase One

With approaching summers, homeowners plan to put air-conditioning systems at their place. However, nowadays, market is full of various kinds of air-conditioners. In such a situation, it might get difficult for you to decide which air-conditioner you should choose. Following section will brief you about three types of air-conditioners from which you can choose one as per your requirement.

Which Air-Conditioner You Should Choose?

Split Air-Conditioning Systems

Usually, split air-conditioning systems are designed to provide cooling to individual areas in a house. For example, if you want to have cooling only in main living area or in baby’s room or your bedroom, then split air-conditioners can meet your requirement. In a split air-conditioning system, the compressor is installed outside your home. Moreover, the unit which is used for passing the air in your house is either a floor-standing unit or a discreetly wall-mounted unit.

One of the key advantages of using Llyod air-conditioning systems is that they are more affordable than other air-conditioners. Moreover, split air-conditioners use lesser energy than other air-conditioners as you’re required to install only a single unit. Apart from this, split air-conditioners allow you to cool specific parts of your house. This means, if you don’t want to cool your baby’s room, but you want your bedroom to have cooling, you can consider putting a split air-conditioner in your bedroom.

Multi-Split Air Conditioner

These air conditioners are perfect for cooling and heating up to 6 rooms at once. Moreover, it’s advisable to install these air-conditioners at places which have limited area for ducted air-conditioning. Multi-split air-conditioners are ideal for those homeowners in which some people prefer having light cooling in room while others like to have their rooms icy cool.

A multi-split air conditioner allows you to have multiple air-conditioners with use of a single outside compressor. This allows you to have independent temperature control for each room. You can easily choose the rooms and temperature which you want in those rooms.

An advantage of multi split air-conditioners is that they allow maximum comfort, and provide economical air solution by incurring minimum costs. This is because you can cool or heat the rooms as per your requirement. Moreover, with single outdoor unit, one can choose about 5 different indoor units which can suit/meet requirement of each rooms’ decor. One can easily choose from duct connected, wall mounted, cassette type or floor standing suspended unit.

Ducted Air – Conditioners

These air-conditioners can be an ideal choice if you’re looking for a solution that can provide cooling and heating to your entire house. In case, you’re looking for an air-conditioning system that can provide all-in-one temperature control to your house, ducted air-conditioner is a must pick. You can even configure ducted air-conditioners to your existing air-conditioning systems.

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