Top Methods Of Using Technological Advertising In Retail Stores

Online shopping has become very popular over the last few years; however, it seems that real-life stores are embracing technology to draw customers back in.

Technological Advertising In Retail Stores

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If you have a store and you want to appeal to more customers, you can use technology to improve the shopping experience in your store. From embracing smartphone shopping to using music to influence the shoppers’ behaviour, technology can be used in lots of ways to improve both your shop and your customers’ shopping experience.

Here are four of the top ways to use technological advertising in your store.

Smartphone shopping

Stores across the globe have started to embrace smartphone shopping, including Casino in France. This means customers can use their smartphones for extra information as they shop; for example, they can scan products to find out more about sizing and materials used and can use their phone to scan items they want to add to their basket. This means fewer in-store employees are needed and the checkout process is much quicker.

Smartphone shopping

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Browse and order screens

Some stores in the UK, such as M&S, have started to use browse and order screens to personalise the shopping experience. This enables shoppers to browse through a catalogue to find what they want, speeding up the shopping process. Customers can also use the screens to scan barcodes and find more information about the products. They can also use the screen to complete the purchase.

The power of music

Many stores use music for business to influence shoppers in store. Research has found that loud music speeds shoppers up, which means they are less likely to buy additional items. Lots of shops play slow, relaxing music that encourages shoppers to take their time in the store. If you want to influence your shoppers, a company specialising in Music for business can tell you more.

Virtual shopping rails

M&S is not only using browse and order screens but also virtual shopping rails in some stores to really transform the shopping experience. These virtual rails, which can be found in Amsterdam stores, enable customers to swipe through a clothing catalogue – if they see something they like, they can watch a video of the item. This is a great way to encourage customers to make a purchase!

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