Tips for Riding in the Summer

If a motorbike is your only option for transportation, then you can’t immediately switch to an air conditioned car during the summer. Although you may have the wind whipping past you as you ride, it can still get quite hot, with the sun beating down on you. It can become particularly uncomfortable if you will be heading on a long journey. Thankfully, there are many things that you can do to limit the amount of sweat and discomfort that you have to deal with. Here are some helpful tips to keep you dry and cool as you head out into the summer heat:

Tips for Riding in the Summer

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Choose Lighter Riding Gear

Just because you may be working up a sweat under your safety gear does not mean that you can get rid of all of it. Remember, it is still serving a function and you are just as likely to get hurt during the summer as you are during the winter. Therefore, you should still make it a habit to don a helmet, jacket, pants, and motorcycle boots before you head out. Of course, just the thought of doing all of this can often make you just want to stay indoors. There is some middle ground that you will be able to find, however. Here, you can just opt for the summer versions of these items. This means opting for ventilated strips and lighter materials. This way, you can still protect your body and not feel like you are melting at the same time.

Keep It Covered

This refers to both you as well as the bike. When you are perspiring, your first instinct may be to wear short sleeves or as little as possible. The problem here, unfortunately, is that you are risking sunburn. Remember, any exposed skin can get irritated and raw if exposed to too much sun. Therefore, it is a good idea to stay as covered as possible. The parts that are exposed should be lathered in sunscreen to prevent a burn. You should probably avoid wearing any jewellery as the metal can heat up and burn you. When possible, it is a good idea to keep your bike covered too, especially if large parts of the machine are black. When you are not riding, cover it with materials that will not easily absorb the sun. Remember to stick with either white or light colours as well.

Stay Hydrated

This cannot be emphasised enough. It is a common misconception that you feel thirsty when you are dehydrated. This is not always the case. This is why you should pick out a water bottle or carrier that you can sip from, while you are riding. The more that you are perspiring, the more water that you need to drink. In addition to the bottle, you should also carry extra containers filled with water. It is always best to carry much more water than you may think that you need. Whenever you have the chance, refill the bottles so that you can be sure that you will not run out. As tempting as it may be, you should stay away from either caffeine or alcohol as these beverages can cause you to lose even more liquid.

As long as you remember these points on the road, you should be able to stay safe and comfortable.

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