Tips for Getting Your Garage Door Repaired

Having a garage attached to your house is a wonderful thing!  It can prevent you from getting wet in the rain, give you a space to work on your car if necessary and even provide the perfect spot for storing the bicycles, garden tools or a cold beer.  The garage can be a private space to relax in or a useful work area!  However, most garages are also connected to the house; this means that they can be a security issue, especially if you leave your garage door open or you have a problem with the door. There a host of things which can go wrong with your garage door, in the worst case scenario your car can actually be trapped in the garage!

Regular servicing and maintenance should help to reduce the amount of tiles that you need to have a garage door repair completed, but, even regular maintenance will not always stop it from breaking!  If you do need a garage door repair then there are some points to consider and tips to ensure you get it repaired quickly:

Garage Door Repaired


The first thing you will need to consider is how important the repair is.  If your car is stuck inside and you need it then you will need an emergency service and you will have to pay for a potentially expensive call out.  This may not even solve the issue; it may just free your car!


Unless it is a dire emergency, before you rush to the phone take a look at your garage door.  You should still be able to access the inside of your garage either through your house or through the side door.  A thorough inspection will tell you if there is anything obvious broken or if the door has been hit and damaged.  This may not fix it but it may allow you to order the part and fix it yourself.  If not, at least you will know what you are talking about when you contact the garage door repair company.


It is possible that you can locate the parts locally and fix the door yourself; alternatively you may be able to purchase the parts and have a local handyman fix the garage door for you.  This approach should not be use if your door is under any warranty or guarantee.  If it is not then this can be much quicker and cheaper.

Local Dealer

You may have a local dealer who specializes in supplying and fitting garage doors.  They will be a good place to call to discuss your garage door.  They may be able to advise regarding common faults or even temporary fixes before they can attend to repair it properly.  Your local dealer is likely to have a selection of parts in stock and may be able to do a very speedy repair.

Service Provider

There is probably one particular firm you use to service and maintain your garage door on a regular basis.  As a regular customer they will be interested in looking after you.  They will also be interested in knowing what has happened to your garage door as they are the ones that normally look after it.  You should receive a prompt, efficient and reasonably priced service from this firm.  If not, you may need to consider changing firms for your servicing needs.

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