Rise & Recliner Chairs – A Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for a rise and recliner chair? There are a huge number of choices available in the market. Apart from external appearances, you need to consider a lot of factors while choosing a rise and recliner chair. Today we are going to share a couple of things to look for before choosing a recliner for home or office.


Rise & recliner chairs come in different sizes and weights. Hence, it’s important to find one that offers a proper fit for your body. Before choosing, make sure you give it a try in the store. First, you should measure yourself and check if the chair will be compatible with the measurements. This is the ideal way to find out whether the size of the chair is right for you. When you give a try, see whether you can keep the arms flat on the armrests, with the chair providing a good support from the elbow right to your fingertips. Also there should be enough space either side of your shoulders to adjust yourself. Ensure that there is no gap between your backrest and the spine. You must be capable of placing a clenched fist on both sides of the body. You should also be able to keep your heels against the footrest while having both feet flat on the surface.

Rise & Recliner Chairs

Single or Dual motor

There are two types of recliner chairs – single and dual, depending upon the number of motors fitted inside it. You need to select one based on your requirements. Single motor riser recliners are simple and easy to use. For these, the back and foot rest reclines simultaneously and you can get the perfect relaxed position. They are also available in a wide range of colors and sizes. Besides, they are more affordable than dual motor recliners.

Dual motor recliners give an increased level of comfort. It offers you a wide range of positions to relax. It’s the better choice for those who have issues with limbs or joints. Also, you can recline almost horizontally. That means you can use it just like your bed. Typically they come with a five or six button remote. However with an increase in comfort, the prices are on the high end as well.


There are different types of backrests available with riser recliners. You need to choose one depending on your specific requirement. Most popular backrest models are waterfall, rollback, pillow back, button back and wingback.

Extra features

Now what if you want more from your riser recliner? Like the one with a heating and massage system built-in. There are riser recliners with all sorts of options available in the market. These recliners are mostly used to relieve any physical discomfort felt by the body. Such recliners are appropriate for people with back problems. The massage system fits well for anyone and works on both your shoulders and neck. First, come up with a budget for your recliner, and then decide on the features that can be included within the budget.

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