How to Plan Weddings and Funerals

Weddings and funerals are the two most important life events most people have to arrange as adults. They cannot be done lightly. There’s a lot of thought, money and emotions that go into these things. So, here are several important life tips on how to plan the weddings and funerals that happen in life:

Plan Weddings and Funerals

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Set a Budget

Both weddings and funerals require money. Lots of money. You will have to plan for these months in advance. Some people even resort to taking out loans for weddings. Cash-strapped families do the same for funerals. Remember that loans have to be paid back. Rather than waiting for the last minute and being indebted, it’s better to set a budget.

It’s important to make up your mind to plan these events within your means. You may want a fancy wedding in an Italian castle, but unless you can afford it, there’s no point in taking out a loan and becoming indebted for the next decade or so of your life. Same goes for funerals. You can plan your funeral in advance and dedicate a budge to ease the financial burden that may befall on your family.

Contact a Local Service Provider

Weddings and funerals both need planning. You will need to contact a specialist to go through with the rest of the organizing. Wedding planners are available at various rates to help you plan your dream wedding. But be careful. If you are planning a small wedding, you may not need to spend extra on a wedding planner.

Funeral service providers arrange burials and cremations with respect to the wishes of the diseased and the grieving family. Some even offer funeral service packages. Buyers should be wary of these too. Some funeral packages contain numerous irrelevant services that the providers charge extra for. In general, it’s smart to have an idea of what you want before spending money without asking questions.

Decide Whom to Invite

One of the biggest conundrums both funerals and weddings face is who to invite. This can be complicated particularly for weddings. Is it okay to invite exes? Should family members who don’t get along with others be invited? The questions are endless. Ultimately, you should make a decision based on what will make you happy on your most important day.

Funerals, too, may run into trouble with invitees. To clear this scenario, it would be best to write down a list of names of people you want at your funeral.

Respect the Wishes of the Other Parties Involved

In both occasions, respect is important. For weddings, the wishes of your spouse or his or her family should not be ignored. For funerals, the wishes of the diseased should never be ignored. Respect, in this manner, will make the whole occasion go better.

Planning important life events have many things in common. What’s most important is to maintain a level-headed attitude towards the important decisions facing you. Don’t get caught up in the moment and overspend. Don’t let either grief or ecstasy overwhelm you.

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