Why You Need Lace Closures to Match Weaves?

When it comes to the world of weaves and extensions, a lot of women like you are in pursuit of the most natural look. Therefore, some weaves users love to wear a couple of items as an alternative to brush them into extensions to hide the braids or tracks. These are closures, do you know what they are? To have an undetectable weave, you must know what you are really buying.

A closure has some hair strands attached to a circle-shaped lace or silk, so there are lace and silk closures. A closure could be used to close the top area of your hair weave. Matching with weaves, they will give you a flawless look together. You can buy a lace closure at online store or from a local salon shop. There are various types of closures in different textures, so you do not need to worry that the one will not match your natural hair texture. With a closure, it allows you to protect your hair completely and gives your hair a break.


Most women said lace closure is better than silk one, actually lace closures are more breathable than silk closure, but they are too thin, you can even see the braids under the lace. To get a more realistic look, many hair vendors bleach the knots on the lace, you can also apply some foundation that will match your scalp color.

While silk closure are too thick and sometimes it is too hot for the wearer, unbreathable. Hair attached to this type of silk closure will completely cover the braids under. Besides, silk closure will look as closely as your scalp color. If you have a darker scalp than the silk material, then you need to dye the silk base to match your scalp color better.

Whether it is lace closure or a silk base closure, the only consideration is to make sure your overall hair outlook will be natural and flawless. On as braiding base, the closure could be attached by a variety of techniques, which depends on the closure construction. Some lace offers holes to attach the hair and some does not have. For a permanent usage, closures could be sewn in or glued in, you can also use clips to attach the closure for a temporary option.

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