All that you need to know about salwar kameez and its History

If you live in India, you must be aware that before jeans and western styled dresses, most of the girls in India use to wear salwar kameez. This outfit is still popularly used in rural areas and small towns. Salwar Kameez fought a long war to replace sari as everyone’s favorite outfit.

Outfit’s history

Salwar kameez’s history is related to Mughals who invaded and ruled India for several years. The outfit’s origin is linked with Indian state of Punjab where both, men and women wear such outfit. Salwar means pair of trousers and kameez is tunic or top. Women prefer this outfit because of its loose fitting that offers comfort. During 1980s, salwar kameez reached its peak of popularity and several private, government schools selected salwar kameez as school uniforms for girls. Since then, girls from all over India wear this outfit for almost all occasions.

salwar kameez and its History

Glimpse from this outfit’s success story

Even today, if you visit small towns like Dodballapur (near Bangalore) you would definitely come across girls in salwar kameez. Thirty years ago, girls in small towns use to wear long skirts known as half-sari.

Salwar was popularly worn by women in Punjab since early 1990s. But, how did salwar kameez manage to spread across various parts of India? There are several factors responsible for the same.

Girls from all religions, caste adapted it. This may sound weird, but Bollywood movies and television also played an important role in creating awareness about this comfortable outfit.

When it comes to salwar kameez’s popularity in southern parts of India, historians suggest that the dress was never considered immodest, indecent or western. Girls can not only wear this to college, school, but can also use the same while working.

Compared to traditionally worn sari and pavade, Punjabi suit offers more mobility to girls. They can run in race or even use bicycle while wearing the same.

During summer, salwar kameez made from cotton material can prove to be several times better than wearing polyester t-shirt and jeans. Cotton would not only keep you sweat free, but will also protect you from rashes and other marks caused due to wearing tight jeans.

States in southern India have generally stayed away from influence of Punjabi culture, including food. But Punjabi suit has successfully managed to win hearts. Not just in South, but salwar kameez has made life easy for millions of girls in India. Jeans and other western dresses may prove to be suitable during winter, but not in all seasons. On the other hand, salwar kameez is suitable for all seasons.

Hundreds of options available

No matter if you are looking for cotton, silk, polyester, chiffon or any other fabric, you would definitely find the outfit made from your preferred fabric. Salwar kameez is available in all shapes and sizes. To make the outfit more attractive you can also choose the one with special designs and embroidery work.

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