Most youthful Alone Circumnavigation – Teens With a Dream!

Three teenage girls had a dream… a dream just too large it burnt within them and could not be denied! It couldn’t be stopped!

Teens With a Dream

The courts of the land could not get rid of the dream; they tried, a big container ship could not plough on the dream.. being dismasted in wild oceans and being adrift cruising could not discourage the dream!

Parents were belittled and assaulted for allowing… even encouraging and supporting their dream! The media asked their dream… too young, too risky and irresponsible… the folks of the world had mixed opinions!

These three teenage girls originated from different parts of the world, from Australia, Holland and California, USA, the thing they’d in keeping was all of them had exactly the same dream.That which was Their Dream?

To sail solo all over the world, circumnavigate the globe! This is a grand voyage even for an entirely crewed yacht, but these were teenage girls planning to circumnavigate the planet alone.A couple of these girls wanted to sail solo non-stop, and one from the girls wanted to stop and explore some of the amazing countries and cultures the earth has to offer. What exactly are their stories?

Jessica and Her Solo Circumnavigation:

Jessica Watson:
Jessica had sailed racing dinghies because the grow older of 8 and was dreaming about the solo trip by age eleven. She read books by individuals who’ve tried it and how they coped… like Kay Cottee and Jesse Martin two solo circumnavigation. This fueled her dream!

After persuading mum and father and displaying dedication and competence she started preparing mentally for this epic voyage going to go. Part of that was speaking with a sports psychologist being alone on the ocean with regard toa good lengthy time isn’t something can practice but she prepared the best way she’ll.

Unlike a lot of solo travelers before her technologies are very advanced now, and she or he had access to the Internet and webcam to speak along with a lot of other equipment to learn effectively and safer. There was additionally a good land crew with support and tech information.

Laura Dekka:

A 14-year-old girl stood before the courts within the Netherlands in the midst of a yearlong struggle with Dutch authorities that sparked a global media storm. Youth Care along with other government organisations was involved in the first court case, in August 2009, they asked the judge to take her from her father and also to lock her in a safe and secure clinic. She was put under the guardian of the Nederlander safety agencies!

Laura satisfied her dream aboard her 38ft boat Guppy going through the world looking for freedom and adventure. Unlike other teen sailors, she anchored at ports on the way to rest and study and repair her sailboat. She explored locations such as the Canary Islands, Panama, Galapagos Islands, French Polynesia, Australia and South Africa. She went surfing, diving and discovering and meeting plenty of new friends on the way.

Laura sails 8 weeks after Abby Sunderland, a 16-year-old American sailor who had been rescued in the middle of the Indian Ocean during a similar attempt. Jessica Watson of Australia completed her solo voyage at 16, a couple of months over the age of Laura Dekker. The difference was her voyage was without layovers and unassisted.

Another Teenage Girl having a Dream!

Abby Sunderland:

An emergency beacon signal was acquired halfway between South Africa and Australia it had been that of Abby Sunderland a 16-year-old girl on her yacht ‘Wild Eyes’ who had been half way round the world on the solo circumnavigation attempt. She had been on the satellite phone to the family if this went dead in a wild storm tossing her 40ft yacht around in 30-foot swells.

Abby was lucky in rounded the southern tip of Latin America but later had equipment problems coupled with to prevent for repairs in South Africa. She decided to continue her round-the-world voyage anyway and had just reached the halfway point when her boat succumbed to the tornados conditions which caused her to create away the emergency beacon and was ultimately rescued.

What was Abby’s response to this media ‘shit storm?’ “It wasn’t the season it was only a Southern Ocean storm. Storms are part of the deal when you set out to sail all around the world. Because for age, since when does age create huge waves and storms?”

In conclusion!

Sailing and life generally is dangerous! I have solo sailed… only coastal within my 40’s and onward and have at times been in situations where I’ve questioned what I was doing and at times my judgment. How old arrive become created no difference nor did my experience. For me, fatigue at times played havoc with my taste. Therefore, we may all have our opinions on the aspect of age and experience. I for one have confidence in following your dreams!

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