Make a Splash at a New Job with these 3 Tips

A new job can be both exciting and intimidating. While it’s important to make a positive impression early on, it can be difficult to know how to accomplish this in an unfamiliar environment. Accounting recruiters in Orange County give candidates the following tips on making the most of your first few months.

Accounting recruiters in Orange County

  1. Go the Extra Mile

Show your employer how committed you are by going above and beyond in the first few weeks of your new position. Arrive at least five minutes early every day to illustrate your reliability and organizational skills. Offer to pitch in on projects and stay as late as it takes to get the job done. It won’t be long before management begins to take notice.

  1. Be Professional

Although many offices are adopting a more casual dress code, dressing professionally is a great way to project a confident and pulled-together image to your new employer. Button-down shirts and slacks are classic office staples that are flattering on everyone. If your office has more relaxed rules, wait a few weeks to start incorporating casual pieces into your rotation.

  1. Form Connections

Building rapport with your coworkers is crucial for creating a positive work environment. A bad first impression can be difficult to shake, so be mindful of how you behave around your new colleagues in your first few months on the job. Take the time to introduce yourself around your department, and make an effort to get to know a few personal details of each person. Remembering an upcoming birthday or talking about shared hobbies can go a long way towards forming long-lasting connections.

Starting a new position doesn’t have to be a nerve-racking experience if you keep these three tips in mind. Contact accounting headhunters in Los Angeles for more tips and tricks to jumpstart your career.

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