Main IT Monsters to Meet You in 2017 in Server Room?

When you work as IT specialist, your main activity is creating things. You do it to make human life better, as all those mobile applications and programs are meant to provide simple people with the easiest, friendliest  and most available services. However, life isn’t so bright as it seems to be at the first sight. There is a number of problems or so-called ‘monsters’ that IT specialist has to fight on their way, and today, we’ll speak about the main challenges that IT specialist will face in 2016.

2017 in Server Room

A Boogeymen that Cuts Budgets

According to the latest statistic data revealed in 2016, the revenues of the biggest IT companies around the world continue to grow. The main players of the IT market do make some money, but they don’t want to spend them on IT pros. Some companies don’t even set money aside for IT, making IT specialists justify every purchase they make. It means that IT budgets continue to be scarce ones, and the IT pros will continue to have to do more with less investment. For instance, most of the companies (up to 63% of the main IT companies around the world) do not plan to hire more IT staff in 2016.

Spooky Security Threats

Information means money: the more information you have, the more money you can make. Sometimes you have to guard your sensitive information from those dark forces who creep in the shadows whiling to hack networks, steal valuable company information or even hold corporate data for ransom. Though the threat seems to be an obvious one, not all companies want to invest their revenues in reliable security systems. Up to 51% companies around the world continue to make security expenses to be important to their bottom lines.

Prehistoric OS Dinosaurs

When you work as IT specialist in any company around the world, you sometimes have to deal with very weird and out-of-date things like Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server. These things are unpatchable and it’s very difficult to find server inventory tool to work on them properly. All those obsolete things do influence the way IT departments spend their money in 2016 as most of the companies are going to migrate to Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 R2.

The table given bellow is going to show you the main things IT pros are going to purchase in 2016

Top IT Specialists Expenses in 2016 (asked of those planning to allocate software budget to OS)

Windows 10 47%
Windows Server migration 32%
SQL Server 2005 migration 12%

Here are the main monsters to meet you in 2016. Hope you’re ready to battle them!

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