Does All Long Distance Relationships Work?

Most of the people believe that long-distance relationships never work out on practical grounds. But, if the love is true, even when you are miles apart your relationship is perfectly going to work. It may seem a wonder ride sometimes waiting for the call, while you may be brooding for it. But this is the test that your relationship can take and get better every day. This long distance relationship is definitely a difficult game but it has its store of surprises too. Here are some tips to refine your relationship over miles.

Long Distance Relationships Work

No excessive communication

Excessive communication kills relationships even when the lovers are next door neighbors. Remember the character named Natasha played by Kalki Koechlin in Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara? So, you have to understand that less is more here and teasing at the right moments and tugging at the right spots would make your story a lovable one. One of my friends had sent online gifts to UK from India on her beloved’s birthday after two days of no talking at all and believes me the graph of his happiness bounced to two folds.

Rules to manage expectations

Before you start shouting and crying, sit down quietly and ask each other what both of you see in this relationship. Believe me, there is nothing better than a clear cut discussion. Discuss with your partner about the expectations that he/she has from this long distance relationship. For example, what is his take on random talks? What is her commitment level to this relationship? – All these questions must be clear in the head. And then managing the expectations would become easier.

Rules to manage expectations

Some activities together

You are lucky to reap the benefits of the internet. You can play some online games together, or sing songs to each other over Skype, or watch the latest stunt video on YouTube at the same time. These activities together would definitely fill in the physical gap that you have in miles between you.

A lovely visit

Yes, long distance relationship doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot meet each other at all. You have all the freedom of the world and communication passages clear for you to pay a visit to your sweetheart residing anywhere. This sudden visit would be rejuvenating enough to sustain those periods of absence. You would fall in love with the same person with these visits. But please don’t make your visits a regular occurrence instead make it an accidental one.

Knowing free time and busy time

Knowing when the other person is busy and when free is of prime help so that you can be prepared to chit-chat with your lover. And in case there is any change of schedule, it should be communicated beforehand. This one is very important for people living in wide time zone gap.

Show love in an unlimited way

There are special moments like birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, house-warming, etc. and as you stay away from your darling, you must splurge the whole world’s happiness on the other person on these special days. Write love letters on Valentine’s Day, send flower and cake as online gifts to UK, USA, Canada, anywhere in the world on your beloved’s birthday, a sudden visit on the anniversary, etc. – Do all these because love is a precious thing and it must be saved even in the high tides of long distance.

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