Why Invest in Open Mesh Flooring?

Open mesh flooring is a ubiquitous sight across industrial and manufacturing premises across the world, and can also be seen in walkways, marine applications and any facility which must deal with changing weather conditions, potential spill hazards or water.

Open mesh flooring is a great way to improve the health and safety capabilities of an area, vastly improving the traction available when walking on the surface, allowing liquid to drain away instantly instead of pooling or creating a slick film, and greatly reducing the likelihood of a slip or fall.

Open mesh flooring is perfect for areas which require specific shapes and arrangements for their walkways, as expert engineers like the Guardrail Group can produce it in any combination of shapes and sizes, creating a bespoke solution to fit any requirements you may have. Strong, durable and safe, open mesh flooring is the ideal solution for your business’ flooring needs.

What is Open Mesh Flooring?

Open mesh flooring is a type of floor surface made with separated steel mesh, creating a kind of “perforated” or “net” effect. This is ideal for use as flooring in outdoor areas or anywhere that is at risk of a liquid spill, as the gaps in the mesh allow wind and rain to pass through without affecting the flooring in any way. Sturdy, hard-wearing and safer than alternative flooring types like poured concrete, open mesh flooring also has the advantage of being lighter and more adaptable than other flooring types, available in a variety of bespoke designs and fits to suit your needs.

What is Open Mesh Flooring Made From?

Open mesh flooring can be made from a range of metals, but the most common selection is industrial-strength steel, which is ideal for use in applications which require heavy-duty durability and resistance to wear and tear.

This steel is usually coated to prevent corrosion, and make it able to resist rain, water spills, and even sea water. With the ability to resist the elements and excellent material strength, industrial steel mesh flooring can stand up to the demands placed on it by even the most taxing environments, providing great health and safety throughout its lifespan.

The use of strong steels in the creation of open mesh flooring is also beneficial for the adaptability and versatility it offers. Unlike with poured concrete or other materials, steel mesh flooring is installed in sections which can be replaced whenever necessary, making it easier to adapt to new situations and conditions than any other flooring type.

What are the Advantages of Open Mesh Flooring?

As noted above, open mesh flooringis highly resistant to attack by water and the elements, as the design of the material means that liquids and strong winds simply pass through the open mesh flooring, without managing to pool or take hold.

Lighter and more adaptable than other methods of industrial floor engineering, open mesh flooring also dramatically increases the health and safety capabilities of your premises. Able to be fitted with guardrails and handrails easily and effectively, open mesh flooring is also optimised to prevent slips and falls – the steel lattice can even be made with a serrated surface to increase grip on the boots of your workers and visitors further.

Open mesh flooring is the ideal flooring surface for marine applications or any application where water is a concern. The coated steel is resistant to corrosion, and will simply allow the water to drain through the flooring, where it cannot pose a slip hazard. The advantages of open mesh flooring are expanded upon below:

Health and Safety

When it comes to health and safety, it’s difficult to beat steel open mesh flooring. With superior grip, instant drainage and clear visibility through the grid, your workers will be able to see what is happening and adapt in real time, with protection against slips and falls, and easy installation of handrails and other protective measures.


Made from sturdy, durable steel, open mesh flooring is strong and tough enough to last in an industrial environment, no matter what is thrown at it. For a long-lasting flooring solution, open mesh steel flooring is ideal.

Suitability for All Conditions

Open mesh flooring is suitable in all conditions and environments, and can be built entirely to your specifications to ensure full suitability for your applications. Whether you need a floor for an industrial area or an elevated walkway in a marine application, open mesh flooring has the variability and durability to meet your needs.


Long lasting and relatively inexpensive compared to other flooring types, open mesh flooring is a cost-effective solution to your flooring needs. Available in sections, a damaged or obsolete section can simply be replaced, leaving the remainder of the system intact. This saves on maintenance costs and prevents large-scale disruption to your operations when maintenance is required!

Customisation Options and Bespoke Design

At Guardrail Engineering, we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach. No two businesses are the same, and even within the same business, every area will need individual attention. That is why all our flooring and railing solutions, especially open mesh flooring, are made bespoke to your order. If you need custom flooring or a solution which fits your business perfectly, the open mesh flooring from Guardrail Group is perfect – even the size of the mesh and thickness of the individual steel lattice components can be made to your order.

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