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Ray Higdon’s adventure to financial success shows that every person can attain greatness – regardless of what experiences and setbacks one might have experienced in the past. His motivating story starts out in a place of complete financial, relational and personal deterioration and comes to an end with his current and astonishing heights of accomplishments and financial success.

Just after spending several years in the corporate world of information technology, Ray jumped into the real estate market in spite of warnings from friends and family. His risk paid off eventually and he managed to not just put up an impressive business selling, but also extended into property management.

In 2008 Ray ended up losing everything he worked for. Rental properties, savings, a long-standing relationship as well as his own home, these were all part of the carnage he experienced throughout that year. However losing all of those things was not much as disastrous and demoralising, as losing his self esteem and direction in life. “I didn’t adapt,” he says. But during that year he figured out – there is absolutely no security anywhere aside from your ability to adapt.

Higdon Mlm Marketing

It was at this rock bottom level that he met his (now) companion Jessica. With her by his side as a relentless source of uplifting support and strength, he learned to have the courage to re-build his life and afterward he learned about network Higdon mlm marketing.

He didn’t care if people said no, as a matter of fact, his goal was to accumulate 20 no’s on a daily basis. After five months he received his very first $10,000 month in the industry.

Before hitting his stride with multilevel marketing, Ray experimented and did not succeed with eleven different companies. The financial devastation that Ray believed would most likely take him several years to get back from was turned around in just 5 months and it didn’t stop. By the way, that fifth month was $10,000, the seventh month was over $40,000 and the tenth month was $52,483!

Ray’s wife Jessica has always stayed by his side through it all and they currently travel the world training people on the art of multilevel marketing. Their presentation is much like none other; due to the fact that their formula for success was basically developed from many years of practical experience that has produced sustained wealth, and incredible rewards.

Their unique insights to online and offline marketing have helped catapult a great number of people into top earner positions in their various companies.

The fact that there is greatness on the inside of everybody is really what drives Ray to give back. Despite all of his success he has not forgotten about the journey. Ray repeatedly says, “Everyone has the required qualities to become a top earner.”

Believe in yourself and know that it is possible to be great and build an inspiring life.

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