The Hgh Users’ Experience Stories Need To Be Reviewed

HGH or Human Growth Hormone is a hormone that is present in the body in the amounts that is required by the body for its normal functioning. As the name says, it is a growth hormone and it is responsible for the natural growth process in a person. So, when a child displays growth deficiency, he or she is advised for the hormone therapy via synthetic HGH. But today, there are also non-medical uses of HGH and since these supplements are available only with a prescription, there are people who seem to sell HGH. You also get to see before and after pictures of HGH users. But before you jump in to buy from these sellers, you should find out if the claims are true or not.

Experience Stories

HGH is used for a variety of purposes

The before and after pictures of users of HGH that can be seen on various website may be a fact, or may be, not.  HGH is used for different reasons by people. Primarily, HGH is a medicine which is used to treat mainly children with growth impairment.

In adults, the low levels of growth hormone may be due to any damage caused to the pituitary gland. In adults too there can be several problems due to the low level of the growth hormone. It can lead to reduced metabolism, as it it’s the growth hormone that is responsible for the lipids and glucose metabolism in the body.  Another symptom is decrease in the strength of the bones and the person may suffer from low energy. Emotional issues and reduced concentration can also be the reasons of decreased HGH levels. Click here to check the timeline of users experiences.

At the same time, both these cases have to be evaluated by a doctor who will decide the best course of treatment.

The myths and facts regarding the experience of HGH users

When you look at the before and after pictures of HGH users, you should find out the purpose for which the supplements were used. One of the claims is that HGH supplements can bring about a reversal in the aging process. This is a myth as there has been no research or findings that corroborate the claim. In fact, it is not advised to take HGH supplements for any age-related issues.

A commonly seen before and after pictures of HGH users is when they claim to have gained muscles with it. Since the main duty of HGH is to increase tissues and cells, it can help in muscles to grow. In such a case, human growth hormone supplements can help in muscle development, but at the same time, these supplements will only increase the size of muscles but will not enhance strength or endurance. It does help in metabolism of fat as well. Yet, when you look at users’ testimonials and look at their pictures, do a thorough research. Though using HGH can bring about many benefits, there are some mild to severe side effects as well.

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