Have You Secured Your Music?

Music is an indispensable part of the entertainment industry. It is an integral constituent of the picture productions from mega to micro budget movies. The use of music is expanding all over the web.

From the YouTube stock music to ads to online games, the music becomes an essential feature of different kinds of websites and online service segments. The music is used with increasing popularity of web ads, web site tours, online promotions, and jingles for an ever-increasing variety of products. The web comes alive with a tune of music.

The web’s transition from the days as a silent variant to what it is today is highly remarkable. But also from the time the internet and mobile networks started to shake, groove and rock, a whole set of legal problems surfaced regarding the use of music content on the internet and other related platforms.

Most of the content producers are not aware that the legal use of music through a website or a mobile network, typically via streaming, will often need the acquisition of certain rights which are generally required when the music content is circulated solely in the form of physical forms such as CDs or DVDs.

Secured Your Music

As we move ahead the future of music will be as much as an important part of the internet and mobile media as it is presently in the television. Thus, the online producers will be required to have an understanding of the basic rights involved in the online usage of the music.

Also, the use of music without the proper authorization can land up you in a tough legal soup. It can result in the costly copyright infringement liability.

A licensing or copyright in music brings you with immense of benefits. It is a bundle of rights which is granted by the licensing companies to the creator of the work.

The few of the exclusive rights offered to a copyright owner is to reproduce the copyrighted work in copies. He can distribute copies to the public by sale. He can prepare derivative works as well. He can perform the copyrighted work publicly.

The public performance right associating a musical work is entitled by the law to demand payment each time the work is displayed publicly. Be it the composers, songwriter or publishers, everyone wants to be paid for their efforts when it is performed publicly.

The PRO’s viz. performance rights organisations are responsible to keep a tap on all the public performances of music and collect fees on the behalf of owners. PRO’s are the non-profit organization that performs the functions of intermediaries for composers, publishers and songwriters. It issues a blanket license to the music broadcasters including radio, TV, online platforms, advertisements, concerts, restaurants, hotels, clubs and theme parks.

The payment is generally termed as royalty which is collected from the parties who wish to use the copyrighted musical notes publicly. In other words, the content producers get the exclusive right over the creation and distribution of work.

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