Growth Hormones: The Pro’s and Con’s

Both Human Growth Hormones (HGH) and Synthetic Growth Hormones (SGH) are divisive subjects amongst users and medical professionals.

Growing in popularity over the last several years, Synthetic Growth Hormones aim to combat the body’s natural cycle of slowing down the production of human growth hormones.

The production of growth hormones itself, has a range of desirable health benefits such as maintaining youthful traits, ensuring a high bone density whilst also creating low cholesterol levels.

Widely regarded as Hollywood’s worst kept secret, high profile celebrities such as 50 Cent and Sylvester Stallone have been linked to using hormone therapy in what has become the subcultures latest high profile health and fitness fad.

Whilst high quality HGH releasers can be considered nutritional supplements to a healthy diet and lifestyle if administered by a medical professional, synthetic stimulants developed in laboratories have become ever more popular in recent years, many of which can be purchased over the counter without a prescription or medical supervision.

Growth Hormones

However, HGH’s and SGH’s are two varieties, which have very different effects and side effects when it comes to boosting hormone levels.

Produced in laboratories, Synthetic Growth Hormones are usually administered by injecting the substance into ones bloodstream, allowing the full effect of the hormone to be delivered almost instantaneously. In recent times, SGH’s have also been developed in pill and shake forms as the trend of users takes an upward curve.

Synthetic Growth Hormones themselves are widely disparaged by medical professionals, as opposed to their natural counterparts, as the risk of self-administering a very high dose of the synthetic hormone could have damaging consequences for those seeking the benefits of the solution.


  • Synthetic Growth Hormones are on the rise for good reason. SGH injections usually provide quick results, and are popular amongst athletes and those trying to lose weight as they are linked with improved performance and reducing body fat. Whilst natural Human Growth Hormone releasers are widely regarded as safer, home remedies, SGH’s ensure immediate and definitive results.
  • Users also claim SGH’s can have anti-ageing benefits, whilst many marketers state their products can improve sex life, immune systems, sleep quality, vision and even restore hair growth and color.


  • However, risks connected to the use of Synthetic Growth Hormone products such as Somatropinne include: joint inflammation (such as premature arthritis), high blood pressure, swelling and acromegaly.
  • As many SGH’s are made by artificially, it is also possible that many strands may contain undesirable solutions hazardous to health. Whilst the methods used in manufacturing Somatropinne HGH drugs are highly developed, products are still extremely new to the market.
  • Human Growth Hormone releasers have much the same anti-ageing results. Whilst it may take a little longer to see results, a course of HGH therapy will also have long term results, whilst SGH’s only appear to last a number of days.
  • Natural Human Growth Hormones are also much less expensive than SGH’s. Difficult to develop and entailing significant expenses, SGH usually cultivators seek to recoup this expenditure at the till.
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