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When you are just starting out as a new business it can be tough to know what to spend your money on. There is the appeal of wanting to have your own space, and for a lot of businesses it can be something that they work towards. Getting your own office can be a sign of having ‘made it’ or having achieved some kind of goal, but what about if we told you that signing up for a commercial lease could actually be one of the things that brings your business down?

Where once the hallmark of a successful business was a big office in a fancy building – now the clever businesses and startups are turning to more agile business housing solutions like serviced office. Take a serviced office like the Servcorp Serviced Office Space. This kind of solution for business works to provide the prestige and security that your business wants, without you having to commit to a lease and without you having to pay all the expenses that come with having a full time lease.

While a serviced office may seem like a more expensive option than a commercial lease, the reality is that over time a serviced office will work out a whole lot cheaper when you take into account the various other costs associated with a commercial lease.

We want to take a look at the various advantages that a serviced office has over a commercial lease so that you may enjoy the perks for your company and ensure more stable growth. Let’s take a look.

They’re flexible

A key perk of the serviced office is that you can choose where and how you want your office to be set out – and you have a lot of choice about how long you’ll stay in a certain spot. A serviced office is the perfect option if you are looking to trial some new target markets, or if you’re trying to grow your business and want to expand quickly. Your serviced office can be leased on a single room basis, but then grow depending on how much space you need.

Also, you can scale the size of your office depending on how busy you are, so if one month you’re flat out with lots of contractors and sales staff and need a bigger amount of space you can do that; but then drop back the next month.

One bill to pay

When you have a commercial lease for your business it can be a headache to try and keep track of all of your incomings and outgoings. The bill for the internet comes in, and then the rent is due, and then all of a sudden the license for Adobe Creative Cloud has expired and you need to renew it… So how do you make sure you’re able to pay everything when you need to? The answer is a serviced office. When you have a serviced office there’s just one bill – and it covered all of your utilities, rent and internet. You’ll still have to pay for Adobe, unfortunately – but with a single bill coming in for all of your expenses it’ll be a whole lot easier to keep track of everything.

No problems with housekeeping

When you’re working with a serviced office you don’t have to worry about whether or not the cleaners have done their jobs properly – or if they’re treating your office securely and with care. The cleaners come with the office, and the company in charge of the office will ensure that the cleaners are the best.

A professional and dedicated receptionist
It’s often a hassle to find a good receptionist – but at Servcorp they’ve taken care of that for you. All you have to do is focus on running your business.

Enjoy the benefits of a serviced office for your business today and experience incredible growth for your company in a flexible and professional environment.

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