Gadgets To Keep Your Swim Spa Clean

If you have a swim spa rather than a smaller hot tub then you’ll need a different range of accessories and gadgets in order to keep it clean. The much larger area means that for example, a spa vac intended for use in a hot tub would not be very effective at removing dirt and debris from a much larger swim spa. It would take up so much of your time trying to suck up all the dirt and small stones; you could be there all day. Much better to equip yourself with a range of gadgets designed for the purpose. What then, are the recommended gadgets for keeping your swim spa clean? We asked the experts; Aqua Spa Supplies.

Swim Spa Clean

Cleaning Up Dirt, Leaves Or Grit

For cleaning up dirt, leaves or grit you really can’t beat the Pool Blaster Max. This battery powered cleaner will take the hard work out of keeping your swim spa or pool clean with its 10 3/4 inch vacuum head, high flow pump and efficient suction and rather than changing a set of batteries when the power runs out, simply plug in and recharge the re-chargable battery. It has a lightweight body, and can also be used with a pole for extended reach.

An Alternative…

An alternative product would be the Pool Blaster Aqua Broom. Rather than a re-chargable battery, this gadget requires 5 D cell batteries which will last for around a month before needing replacing. It will easily remove dirt and debris from the bottom of the pool or spa due to its hi-flow vacuum motor, collecting it in its reusable filter bag to be easily disposed of.

If leaves are a problem in your pool or spa then perhaps a Battery Powered Leaf Vacuum would be the ideal gadget for you. The unique super-suction propeller will easily pull leaves up and off the pool floor whilst the rotating propeller will keep the debris moving to avoid blockages. It will deliver 2-3 hours of runtime; more than enough to keep your pool or spa leaf and debris free.

At the end of the day, it’s important that you take the time to choose the right products to help keep your swim spa clean and hygienic, however perhaps more importantly is understanding the importance of doing so in the first place. It’s all too easy to let your swim spa or hot tub get a little dirty, however things quickly start to escalate and before long it’s also unhygienic.

In many ways, the best approach to cleaning your hot tub or swim spa is to take the time to get into a routine and clean out say once a week or, even better, after every time it’s used. It’s one of those things which, when done regularly, will only take a few minutes, however if you let it get out of control it’ll ultimately take far longer to keep on top of.

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