Five Ways To Stay Positive About The ‘Casual Dining Crunch’

We’re still hearing much about the casual dining crunch, the on-going reduction in the number of covers at our restaurants. But while these headlines should cause genuine concern among the chains, for independents there are benefits. We do things differently, and their downswing is sometimes our upswing. Let’s take a look.

Casual Dining Crunch

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1 It will end the expansion obsession

In the last forty years, restaurants have been focusing ever more on expansion. The idea that if you do something well, you should do it a lot, might work for supermarkets, but in dining it makes everything a touch boring. A lot of big names will be going bust simply because they over borrowed and over stretched. This should even the playing field a little.

2. We can use their talent

A lot of very good front of house staff and kitchen staff will need to look elsewhere for jobs. And while people losing jobs can never be seen as a plus, we think they’ll find their talent and vision much more appreciated in the independent F&B sector.

We can use their talent

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3. Make Italian food Italian again

The Brits really benefited well from the Italian food invasion, but big businesses perhaps even better. Many of the basic ingredients that go into pasta and pizza dishes are relatively cheap and offer the supplier good margins – but how you make the dishes is the most important piece. As a result, ‘cooking by numbers’ restaurants such as Prezzo and Strada are feeling the pinch. We’re looking forward to seeing more genuine Italian eateries as a result.

4. Smarter investment choices

Whether it’s a new premise or just a new saladette counter, restaurateurs need to be smart with their money. This crunch will help many to realise the return on investment which can be seen from smaller purchases such as the ones at, compared to taking on a new premises.

5. More pop-ups

Britain is entering a third wave in our cultural food revolution and street food and pop-ups are an important part of this. With big chains closing, more casual diners and opportunistic diners will be willing to grab a quick bite from one of nation’s far superior suppliers. This means new tastes will be developed which will reinvigorate the entire market.

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