How To Find The Best Car Shipping Companies That Have The Cheapest Rates

Your vehicle is most likely the next most expensive investment you make during your lifetime next to your house. When you need to move it, the most efficient way to do it is by hiring a car shipping company. Not all auto movers are made equal so here are some tips to help you find car shipping companies that have the cheapest rates

Read Reviews

If you are planning to ship your car to another city, you need to do your homework and not hire the first company that you see online. Do your homework and read reviews of car shipping companies to find out which companies are the best ones to hire based on the ratings and opinions of customers who have tried their services.

Reviews do not just give you an idea which car shipping companies have the cheapest rates but more importantly, provide you with vital information about your possible experience with the said car transport services.

Car Shipping Companies

Instant Quotes

As part of the shopping process, try to get as much instant quotes as you can get online. These instant estimates will give you a ballpark figure how much it will cost you to move your car. Once you have a good idea of the going on rates, you can then cut your list of prospect companies and pick the best based on price and other features you need in a car shipping company.

Compare Quotes

Once you have collected quotes from different car shipping companies, the dirty job begins. Compare your notes and weigh the pros and cons of hiring one or the other. Again, the cheapest is not always the best. You have to take into consideration the different features of the service.


Once you are done comparing, trim down your list once more and contact the best car shipping companies on your list best on rates and services offered. When you talk to them, do not be afraid to negotiate for better rates. You would not know if they will bend the rules a bit to accommodate your request and offer you a lower rate than usual. These companies want your business and they know you can easily go to another car shipping company if they will not slash their prices off by even just a little.

What Features Matter

When hiring a car shipping company, there are features of the service that is essential and you cannot live without. What features should you look for?

* Prompt Delivery – You are paying for a service and you want your vehicle delivered on time. While you have to factor in the distance and other possible issues on the road, you want to deal with a car shipping company who gives you an honest estimate .

*Cost – This is the most crucial determining factor if you will hire the car shipping company. Pricing must be very clear and should include insurance. Extra costs should also be in black and white. It should also be clear what happens when an accident happens or when your car sustains damages.

*Delivery Procedure – There are several possibilities and it will be great if you can get a car shipping company that offers door-to-door service. Some will only do depot-to-depot or terminal-to-terminal car shipping.

How do you find the best car shipping companies that have the cheapest rates? Here are some handy tips from our experts at Car Shipping Quotes.

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