Every Record Black Panther Has Broken!

If you are a Marvel or a Super-hero movie fan, then by no means is it possible for you to miss out on Black Panther. This comic featuring a Black superhero was already a fan favourite for so many years now!

Of course, this is certainly something that can help the people in assuring the fact that the fans already wanted to see him on the big screen. After, Captain America: Civil wat, it was pretty much clear, how people wanted to know more about Wakanda and T’Challa.

Black panther managed to garner attention even from the people who may have had thought of giving this movie a miss. But then again history was created and people could not believe the amount of records, this movie has managed to break.

Understanding the number of records that this movie broke is certainly important. This will prove that how famous has the movie become in such a short period of time.

The records black panther broke:

Can Robert Simonds make STX Entertainment be the Next Major Studio in Hollywood? The following are the 3 most important records that Black Panther has managed to break:

  • IMAX presales records:

If you know about the world of movie distributors and theatres, then you can hardly give the name IMAX a miss. This is one of the most important movie theatres around you. Of course, presales in IMAX and managing to break the record of the same is necessarily the best thing that people can do.

With Black Panther, the expectations were definitely high and this is exactly why the audience just couldn’t control their expectations. But breaking the IMAX presales records definitely was an eye-opener to the people who thought of skipping this movie as well.

Of course, the exact figures and numbers were not disclosed. But an idea of the same was got from the chief of the IMAX himself.

  • Highest rated superhero movie:

This is no mystery. The Black Panther definitely has created an impact that cannot be forgotten at all. People must realize that when it comes to high rated superhero movies a lot of names can crop up. But nothing at all can beat the success and the surprised record breaking event that Black Panther has created for itself and for the people who have worked on it. This movie has definitely surpassed expectations as it beat Iron Man at 94 to a 97 on Rotten Tomatoes.

There are other superhero movies too that had created perfectly great records and yet none could create the impact that this movie made on the people.

  • The highest presales record maker:

This movie has managed to earn somewhere around $170 million in US only. Whereas it was supposed to make $90 million according to expectations. This is certainly one of the best movies. But then again can you anticipate the amount of Presales it has managed to garner? Well, yes certainly it has not only made a record in IMAX but also got through with the records in other theatres as well.

These are the records that Black Panther has managed to break until now! And we wish that it breaks many more!

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