How to Create an Office in the Cloud with Virtual Offices

The benefits of the virtual workspace have been discussed at length over the last five years. While they were once most prevalent in places like Australia and the USA, they have been steadily growing in popularity throughout many parts of Asia as well. Thailand is the latest country to embrace the trend for remote work and flexible business models.

If you’re interested in entering the Thai market, you should consider a virtual office – an office in the cloud. Don’t forget that this invaluable resource can also be integrated with other mobile assets, such as cloud computing. Together, they support the creation of mobile workforces.

This guide to combining virtual office solutions with cloud computing will help you turn your business into a corporate chameleon.

Virtual Offices

The Benefits of Mobile Business

While cloud technology can be used for any type of business – it’s not reserved for virtual offices – it is well suited to these flexible environments. Like virtual office solutions, cloud computing is designed to help you stay mobile.

Combine an agile workspace with cloud storage, and you can carry out tasks from anywhere in the world, assuming there’s an internet connection. Whether you’re at home, in a coffee shop, or at a virtual facility in downtown Bangkok, all of your documents travel with you.

Fast Responses, Quick Decisions

This ability to instantly access company data, whether you’re in the office or not, will inevitably boost your decision-making skills. You won’t have to put decisions on hold until you’re in a structured environment because you’ll have everything you need on your mobile device.

Essentially, cloud storage is like carrying around a digital version of your office. You control how strong the distinction is between ‘work’ and ‘outside.’ When you can access files, emails, progress reports, and datasets from a smartphone, the whole world is your office.

The Best Software, All the Time

The other big benefit of using cloud applications is that most update themselves. They require little maintenance, so they are affordable and very secure. From a data privacy perspective, cloud storage is valuable, because the protections are constantly strengthened and improved.

It is a great feature for entrepreneurs who need a more automated system. Ultimately, if you forget or don’t have the time to update your security software, you put the business at risk. With cloud technology, however, it’s something that you don’t even have to think about.

Opportunities for Collaboration

It’s not just business owners who benefit from the integration of cloud and virtual resources. If you operate remote teams of employees, cloud software makes it easier for them to collaborate on tasks, even if they’re far away from one another.

All it takes is a central system – a cloud storage architecture – and employees can create, edit, and upload documents. Once in the system, they’re accessible to all with permission to view them. So, two people at opposite ends of the world could, feasibly, work on one project.

How to Find Out More about Cloud Computing

If you already work from one of the virtual facilities in Thailand, but you want to know more about cloud technology, you can always ask the IT staff on site. They will be able to recommend software and maybe even hook you up with in house programs. Every vendor is different, of course, but some do offer a range of IT resources.

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