Can Sports Watches for Women Improve Their Running Performance?

If you are active women, chances are that by this point in time, you’ve heard of fitness bands and sports watches. From Fitbit to Sweaty Betty to Garmin to Adidas, there are literally hundreds of brands throwing out thousands of watches these days. The important question being – do they actually work? And if they do, how can they improve your running performance?

Well, the simple answer to the first question is yes – they very much do work. Research has shown that in the vast majority of instances, women that have purchased sports watches and similar devices have reported positive progress since using them. As for how exactly they make a difference, a quality sports watch for women is often likened to having a personal trainer on your wrist. And let’s face it, women, like personal training even more than men do. So having that benefit from sports watches (especially when paired with a Smartphone, in your pocket) it’s a must. These devices are engineered to monitor things like distance travelled, steps take, heart rate, calories use and a wide variety of other performance statistics. And the more information you have about your fitness and your exercise regime, the better you can optimise and improve it.

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Here are just a few of the key benefits of how sports watches and connectivity can make a real difference to every women’s performance:



First of all, these devices and their accompanying software allow the user to set specific goals in accordance with their fitness plans. Once set, it becomes possible to track progress on the way to reaching the goal, while at the same time being reminded by the watch of the goals and targets established. Research has shown time and time again that working towards measurable goals represents one of the best ways of improving and maintaining motivation, especially for women. As such, fitness bands and watches can play a huge role in motivation.


Another great thing about these devices is the way in which they track and record women’s performance in the long-term. What this subsequently means is that you are then able to go into competition with yourself, striving to beat your personal best achievements and reach new highs along the way. You run, the data is recorded on the watch and the next time you set about trying to take things a little higher. Over time, you find yourself instinctively improving, day after day.

General Competition

For example, running watches for women also open up the opportunity of getting into a little friendly competition with friends and family. Connected devices more often than not allow the user to upload key information regarding their latest (or even real-time) runs and workouts to social media. This way, competitive types can see what others are doing and do their best to improve on them accordingly. Healthy competition has the potential to be more motivating than just about anything in the world and is nurtured in a big way by fitness tracking devices.

Visual Progress

Motivation often relies on being able to see evidence of progress made. Most women, more than man, want to see progress fast. With a fitness-tracking watch, this is made comprehensively easy. Given that each and every episode of exercise is tracked and recorded, you are able to see even the slightest of improvements that are made along the way. Rather than having to wait weeks or months for anything noticeable to happen, you have concrete evidence right there on your wrist that you are improving your performance. And when you can see such improvements being made, you automatically become much more motivated to continue putting in maximum effort.

Track Calories

Women with an interest in health and fitness will know that the one thing that’s just as important as keeping active is eating a balanced and calorie-controlled diet. Quite simply, one without the other will not get you anywhere. What’s great about fitness trackers like sports watches is the way in which they can be used to track exactly how many calories your body is burning throughout the day. This information can then be used alongside your own knowledge of how many calories you are consuming, in order to ensure you’re not consuming too few or too many. On the whole, a sports watch really be a women’s best friend and make a difference when it comes to making sure you eat a balanced diet.

Professional Input

If you occasionally or regularly meet with a personal trainer, fitness tracking watches can be a great way of detailing what you’ve been up to in the meantime. Not only this but by checking out the data the watch has gathered on your activities, the trainer is then able to offer tailored advice and guidance accordingly. All of which adds up to the most effective training and development plan possible, ultimately improving your performance further.

All-Day Tracking

Another benefit of these kinds of gadgets is the way in which they continue tracking your movements and activities throughout the whole day. There are some watches that even track your sleep patterns and can offer advice and guidance accordingly. For those ladies that are really into health and fitness in general, this translates as incredibly interesting and useful information to be used to work toward a healthier lifestyle.

Pure Fun

Last but not least, it’s worth bearing in mind that pure and simple fun also happens to be one of the biggest motivators imaginable. And when it comes to these sports watches for women, the very best ones on the market really could not be more enjoyable to play with. They start out as novelties and playing around with all the features is seriously enjoyable. Soon enough, though, they become an integral part of any women’s life and one you probably couldn’t imagine getting by without.

And still, above all this… they look great J

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