The Bumper Buddy – 5 Tips For Upgrading Your Car

Change is always welcome, especially when it is a change for the better.

You make alterations all the time in your day to day life, so why not make some changes to the vehicle driving you around your day to day activities?

The time comes for every car owner to upgrade their beloved car for something a little newer.

If you want to upgrade your car, you can trust companies like Cars and Co to give you a great service, but if you want to take on the task yourself and go it alone, then that’s great too! There are many things that you should consider when it comes time to upgrade your car for something new, but if you can’t think of any, don’t stress! Here are some tips you can look over to give you a better idea of what to do when upgrading your car.

The Bumper Buddy

Your Needs

When buying a car, the focus needs to be completely on you.

This is the car that is going to be getting you around almost every day, so you need to make sure it fits your needs. Take into consideration where you work, how far you drive it on a daily basis and whether or not you will be taking it on any off road terrain.


When buying a car, cost is obviously going to be a huge factor in the transaction, but have you thought about price once the car is in your possession? Cars can end up being a pretty expensive investment, make sure you find about the car’s fuel economy or any other extras that come with it, such as how much would this car cost to get serviced. Does it have a history of being a bit expensive for its previous owners, if there are any?


Researching every brand of car before going to see it in store is super important.

Find out if people have had any similar problems with their cars, what sort of issues have arose for people in the past, how they run, what their life expectancy really is. The reviews of other people who have owned the same brand car could potentially change your mind, whereas some reviews may leave you considering a car you may not have thought of owning before.

Bring In A Professional

Before you commit to purchasing a car, it would be worth your while to bring in a mechanic or another car professional that you trust to give it a look over. Whilst trust is a great thing to have, you could end up being trusty to a fault and end up with a car that has hidden issues that will arise and cause you grief later on.

Ask For A Service History

It is important, if you are upgrading your car with another pre loved car that you find out the service history of the vehicle. Finding out what sorts of services it has needed, or if it has been in any serious (or even minor) accidents could prove incredibly important in the long run as this sort of history can affect the way a car runs or even let you know which parts of the car are more fragile than others.

Finding a car that perfectly fits your needs and budget should not be too hard, keep an open mind, sometimes you will find the perfect car in another make or model. Look around, test drive different vehicles until you find the one that is perfect or you day in, day out.

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