Best Office/Team Building Exercises

For many offices, trying to make everyone work well together is a huge challenge. Depending on how many people you have on your staff, there can be even more problems as it is difficult to get everyone in the same room together, much less communicating with each other. So, with that in mind, let’s go over some excellent team building exercises recommended by accounting recruiting firms.


This requires that you split your staff into two equal sized teams. Each side stands in a line facing the other. One side turns around for 40 seconds while the other changes something about their appearance. This can be as simple as untucking a shirt or taking off jewelry.

The first side turns back around and has to pinpoint all of the changes made, working together to keep track. To make it simple, require a set number of changes. Once the first side has finished, the other side turns around and does the same thing.

Team Building Exercises

Two Truths and a Lie

This game is designed to get employees talking with each other and opening lines of communication. Everyone will write down two truths and a lie about them and place them on their person (i.e., on a name tag). Then they will go around and ask others about their statements, trying to figure out which is which.

The goal for each person is to trick everyone into believing their lie. After a set conversation period, then everyone will gather back around in a circle. Go in order and have everyone pick one of their statements. The rest of the group will determine if it’s a lie or truth. Continue until everyone has spoken.


An alternative to this activity can be with Nerf guns, but either way, it’s a fantastic exercise that can allow people to have fun while also working together. Before you begin, however, be sure that all participants are open to the idea, and don’t force anyone to play if they aren’t into it.

Divide your group into equal-sized teams (ideally between four to six) and play different games, including capture the flag, elimination, or holding the keep.

According to accounting recruiting companies, these exercises should have a clear goal in mind (communication, teamwork, trust building) as well as be fun and entertaining.

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