The Best Government Approved Debt Consolidation Programs

A big chunk of the American population deal with debt. While you have private lenders to help you, there are also the best government approved debt consolidation programs available.

When you say debt consolidation, you will roll multiple debts such as personal loans and credit card debt into one manageable monthly payment. You can simplify things and lower your monthly payment through debt consolidation. However, it will be best to first consult a debt counselor.

Government Approved Debt Consolidation Programs

National Foundation For Credit Counseling

The NFCC is the largest nonprofit counseling organization in the United States. It was founded in 1951 and its mission is to help citizens be financially responsible through high quality financial counseling and education.

Among other services, the NFCC provides credit and debt counseling. Experts at the NFCC will help you find the root cause of the problem so you can get out of debt. They will advise you on how to properly manage your money, offer possible solutions to your money issues, and help you come up with a plan so you can avoid being in the same situation in the future.

NFCC also offers debt management programs that can help you better manage your existing debts. You can pay your debts through NFCC accredited agency and after 36 to 60 months, you will be debt free. Through the debt program, you will benefit from lowered financial charges, lesser collection calls, and lower monthly fees.

Financial Counselling Association Of America

FCAA has been providing debt management planning services, financial education, credit counseling among others since 1993. Through its member agencies, one can avail of the services so you can get financially back on track.

FCAA encourages those struggling with debt to take the first step and get financial counseling. It is important to understand that you are not the only one dealing with debt as millions of Americans are also struggling due to wrong decisions made in the past. As you try to make ends meet, it is best to take the necessary step to correct what is wrong.

Accredited financial experts can review your financial status and address the problem areas such as debt management. They can help you find a debt management plan that will help you get rid of debt without being a burden to your budget. Through an accredited agency, you can do debt consolidation so you can roll all your debts into one loan with better interest rate and monthly payment option.

Debt management plans are perfect if you have a high ratio of debt to income. Another factor to consider is if you are struggling in making your monthly payments. When you miss your payments, you hurt your credit more and you paint a future of headaches because of debt. If you find yourself in this scenario, then debt management program through accredited agencies of the NFCC and FCAA will be perfect for you.

Again, the first step in solving your debt problem is by recognizing that there is a problem. It is never too late and what matters most is taking the first step to improve your finances.

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