Basic Winstrol Cycles to Follow For Beginners

Winstrol or Stanozolol is one of most popular steroid type. And this is because of the effects it has. There might be different options in the market but this is one of the most recommended ones. Steroids were initially created to help treat specific conditions. Then it was discovered that this also helps for improving health and strength.

Bodybuilding became better because of these supplements. It enhances energy and helps you lose fat before you bulk your muscles up. Following proper dosage is imperative especially because there are strong side affects you need to consider.

The proper dosage is always considered and must be followed. If not, it’ll become the reason for the risks to become a reality.

Because of its effectiveness, there’s no need to take in larger dosages. These are some of the standard cycles you can follow.

Basic Winstrol Cycles

The standard dosage: For the average man, the basic dosage will be from 50 mg to 100 mg every day. This is the recommended dosage for the average user. But a lesser dosage is needed for a beginner. Women will need 10 mg basic. It’s important to follow the cycle and not increase the dosage as you please. If you ever decide to deviate from it, the risks might be great.

Dosage for women: The dosage for women is lesser because the female body is highly sensitive when it comes to steroids. It easily prompts virilization. While this is highly efficient for putting on mass, this might not have the desired effect for women. 10 mg is the recommended limit for women. And ultra-sensitive females will need this on every other day.

If you’re seeing signs of virilization, discontinued use is recommended.

For athletes and pros: Athletes are recommended to take higher dosages. But female pros will have to stick to the same standard. The sudden increase is not recommended. Even when you are a pro, there are limits to what you can take. When you have not experienced using this before, then it’ll be dangerous for your health when you take in higher dosages the first time.

For weight loss: When you’re already in your cutting cycle (the process when you’re removing layers of fat before adding muscle), Stanozolol is the most recommended anabolic steroid. When your main goal is a ripped physique with lean and strong muscles, this is what you must choose.

The constant 50 mg every single day for the 8-week maximum cutting cycle is what it takes to achieve the best results.

For professional bodybuilders, increasing the dosage to 100 mg two weeks before the actual competition is what you require to get in the desired shape.

Continued use for this is not recommended when you’re not in the cutting cycle since the liver might sustain bigger damage. The toxic levels are harder to manage when you’re constantly using it.

Take your dosage according to this cycle and you’ll be fine.

Remember that this is taken to make sure that you’re healthy and you’re in tip-top shape when you play. But it’ll easily defeat the purpose of what you’re doing if you let this take over. It will become the source of issues.

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