How Basement Finishing can add Value to your House

Many holes have basements which are seen as a place for the furnace, maybe even the washing machine to live.  There may be a single light which adds to the spooky effect as you go down the stairs.

However, the basement is actually one of the biggest areas of your home, properly insulated and finished it can be a fantastic space to enjoy and will add value to your home.  It is important to remember that your basement finishing project must be done to a professional standard to ensure you maximize the potential and value of the space.

There are several ways that a well completed basement finishing project can add value to your home:

Basement Finishing

Extra Living Space

The most obvious reason for undertaking a basement finishing project is to increase the space in your home.  Your children may be growing older and need a bedroom each, or you may need a space to work from home as the dining room table is no longer an option.  Assuming you are planning on staying in your current home then the basement should be designed to fit your needs and life style.   However, if you are completing a project just to add value to your home then you should consider what the other houses have in your neighbourhood that yours doesn’t.  Either way, a completed basement will increase the available living space, value and appeal of your home.

Tidier and More Accessible

The basement is, traditionally a spooky place.  However, if you have erected insulation and finished the outer walls nicely then you will instantly make the area more appealing.  This will add value but it will also help potential buyers to see options for the space.  They may be tempted by the idea that they can convert the basement into something spectacular.


The current trend is to overhaul and make use of the space in your basement.  As this is a topical subject you will be able to benefit from it.  Most buyers are looking for the house that they hear talked about on the television and in adverts.  If these houses include a basement you will instantly benefit from the fact that you have finished your basement and created a stylish and trendy extra space within your home.  As many other properties will not be able to advertise this you will have the advantage and can increase your price accordingly.


It is always a good idea to add a bathroom to your basement if possible.  Not only will this save people going up one or two flights of stairs when they need to go, it will appeal to many homebuyers.  Bathrooms are one of those commodities that a hole can never seem to have too many of.  Adding them to your property will make it more valuable and more desirable.

It is important to remember that these two factors are linked.  A desirable home will be easy to sell and will attract more interest, making it easier to push the price up.

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