A Brief Look Into The World Of Two Of The Uk’s Top Male Fashion Designers

Fashion designers in the UK come from all sorts of backgrounds and there are incredible female and male designers that produce collections that appear on catwalks around the world. These designers not only influence the clothes that are worn and highly sought after by celebrities but also influence the designs that trickle down to the high street stores for everyone to wear. The designs usually reach the high street later on in the season or early the following year depending on when they are first shown on the catwalks. Fashion students and home sewing enthusiasts are often influenced by these designers and the patterns that they purchase and use in any given year could be a reflection of the designs that they have connected with from the designers that they follow. Mens designer shirts like those you can find at https://www.ejmenswear.com/ are usually reflections of the trends found on the catwalks the previous year.

Here are two of the many amazing male designers that we have in the past and currently see in the fashion industry:

Uk’s Top Male Fashion Designers

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Alexander McQueen is a well-known name both in the fashion world and with the wider population, unfortunately some of this recognition is due to his well-publicised and untimely death in 2010, something that shook the world of fashion. McQueen worked as a tailor on Savile Row during his early career and also spent some time with Givenchy. In 2004 he took the decision to launch his own line of menswear and almost overnight became an instant success. He produced beautifully tailored items that were both delicate and striking in their design. He was sometimes controversial in his work and has been credited with bringing about the trend for low cut trousers that were once nicknamed ‘bumsters’. Following his tragic passing his label has been run by his assistant Sarah Burton who continues what McQueen started.

Alexander McQueen

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Christopher Kane is perhaps a name that is not as well known as McQueen’s outside of the celebrity and fashion world, but he is rapidly becoming a name that fashion students and prolific home sewing hobbyists. In the Springtime of 2007 his collection appeared in a showcase and the items that were included were of body sculpting dress styles, in fabrics of bright neon colours that were accented with glittery details. Fashion critics described this as ‘space age couture’. Not long after this collection was debuted Kane was approached by Versace to the principle designer for their Versus line that they had planned. As a designer Kane is very interesting in that rather than sticking with a particular style of clothing such as figure fitting dresses or recreating some of his previously popular designs he prefers to create a new style for each season. His previous collections have included gothic, metallics and tulle in rainbow colours that were adorned with applique.

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