4 Tips For Color Up Your Room With Red

Red is one color that always is bright and cozy all set to spice things up, and it never seems to go out of fashion! By coloring up your room with red, I don’t mean that you start painting your walls red and bring in red cushions and red sofas and everything red! I am just tipping you to add hints of the color here and there and believe it or not that easily you will have a new, very stylish look and feel to your rooms.

Any elegant neutral decor can be popped up with just simple dues of this vibrant color.Here are some ideas to inspire you, choose whichever suits best for your decor, of course, don’t apply all of them at once in the same room, you don’t want to overdo it.

Color Up Your Room With Red

Red Lighting Don’t start switching every warm bulb in your house to red ones, which will certainly not do the trick, but add red lamps or huge red candles to any black and white room and you will have a delightful contrast. Lamps are an important decor item and if in a striking color they will surely stand out. If you have a tall ceiling or there is any way you in incorporate a chandelier then it’s must do, in red.

Something elegant and overhead will reflect on the entire room intensifying the colors, you will never regret this decision, of course, the rest of the decor must be in neutral colors, not bright blue or purple! Red Pictures large canvas print with a red border or red printed flowers etc.

 Can be used as a focal point for any room as not only the picture but the redness will absorb attention. Small red images can be used to match or go along with any other redness in the room such red line on a bed or red curtains.

An array of fun pictures can be put up in a child’s room. Red Couch or Chair child’s room or an office such as the dentist waiting room can contain a red couch as a focal point; it will not look odd if in the appropriate room yet will fill up the room with admiration.

A simple red cozy chair will be suitable for any room if your living room is black then add a cozy red relaxing chair if your kitchen is white or beige red chairs will make it stand out.

 Red Flowers Fresh, artificial or even a canvas picture, red flowers will always be prominent and will greatly help in toning any other reds in the room. Flowers always look fabulous and fresh thus are a best go along in a room with hints of red.

Its enhance the beauty of the room and looking attractive. Author Bio: Serve Wilson works for an online company helping our customers with interior ideas and suggestions they also create canvas prints and pictures.

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